ISSN 2692-2266 (Online), 2692-2258 (Print)

Color-Coding Consumer Cognition: An Examination of Brand Analysis Auras

E. Vince Carter, Ph.D.

Employees’ Welfare and Employees’ Productivity in Academic Institution in Nigeria

Esuh Ossai-Igwe Lucky, PhD; Amuno Jonathan, PhD; Nwachukwu Damian Brownson; Akingbade Waliu Olorunwa

From 200 Dollars to 50 Dollars: The Political Economy of Nigerian Workers’ Retrogressive Living Wage in Four Decades

Mike Omilusi, PhD; Aladegbola Adegbenga Isaac, PhD

Effect of Microfinance Credit on the Financial Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Muhanga District, Rwanda

Dr. Gedion Alang'o Omwono, HAKIZIMANA Jean Paul, Dr. Gedion Alang’o Omwono

Study on Mithila Flock Painting Culture.

Dr. Prem Chandra Thakur

Financial Performance of Cement Companies in India


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